i big love her

I don't often give rapper style shout outs, but tonight, after shamelesly (embarrassingly?) lol-ing in my apartment I thought I'd implore some of you suckers to go read this blog.

I realize we're living in a world that's quickly descending into tweets and the 96 second attention span --but instead of creeping on your partner's ex's facebook profile, read one of her posts because it's a better way to spend your precious time.

What kills me is that, despite the utter hilarity of her writing, this girl just slays in person. I have suggested, rather aggressively and more than once that she pursue a career in stand up comedy. Just get her started on her childhood in the Alberta and you'll be like, shit, my life is so...boring.

She also bakes super cool sparkly things and manages to make even lettuce funny. Aaaand she is blonde with super good taste in eyeglass frames.

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