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I have exactly three days of school left...ever. Though I probably will have to lean on a lil' friend I call grad school after realizing that a writer has no place in a drowning economy, I am still relishing in all that "Ever" entails. You may be familiar with "Ever" in tales about your favourite princess or fairy, or even its strange cameo in that old Outkast song Ms. Jackson. No matter which way you slice it, Ever (or "eva" if you're a hip-hop artist) = awesome.

Unfortunately, because my life is not chronicled on Full House or Saved by the Bell, I don't have the benefit of looking upon the last four years in a slow motion montage, singling out the distilled moments in which my poufed bangs looked bangin', or when Zach finally prioritized me over popularity. You don't understand Olsen twins, you've got that in the bag! Kelly Kapowski, eat shit you had at least 4 exclusive montages. Becky and Jesse, you two deserve nothing after all your post-fight audience "aweeee" fests. Real life is so much harder!

So the question is, how do you commemorate 120 university credits? 89 (I said EIGHTY NINE) essays? 2 universities? 6 apartments? 1,000,000 anxiety attacks?

I'm looking at you poutine, and you beer, and if the mood is right --a winning combination of the two.

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Mike said...

you commemorate them by drinking an entire bottle of amaretto in one night.

i'll let you know how that results tomorrow.