we don't say bonjour here

I took a (crooked) picture of myself as I headed out the door of my apartment in Montreal. I have let too many important moments go by without commemorating them simply because I feel like making a big deal of things makes me arrogant or selfish. My therapist told me this whole idea is silly, and he has three degrees so I'm thinking he's right and I'm wrong.

I want to be able to remember how hard my degree was, but also what an awesome experience living in Montreal was. I was ready to move out of my sketchy neighbourhood, away from the abusive hobos, but I don't think you're ever really ready to leave supportive and hilarious friends.

Today I met my boyfriend Noah for lunch on his break, and as we stood in the ice-cream shop near his work the woman working there asked us if we were locals, if she'd be seeing us again.

"Yeah," we both said, "we're locals."

Bye guys,

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