No one is immune to moments of weakness. You know the drill. You've been fantasizing about that chocolate bar over at the super french depanneur, hear it calling your name softly, seductively, and at the height of your exhaustion you cave. You black out momentarily and then find yourself thumbing through stacks of Caramilks and Wunderbars, comparing nutrition information to see which one is gonna add more jiggle to your ass. You convince yourself that a difference of 7 calories is significant and look up to see that homeless guy who punched you two weeks ago in the back section of the store near the coolers, balancing as many Pabst Blue Ribbons as he can carry in the crook of his arm. You grab a magazine to further procrastinate writing those final essays, and walk up to the till. You look like a creep. You are wearing sweat pants and a sweater you stole from your brother, neither of which fit you properly. The only two items you are purchasing are a chocolate bar and a magazine with Lindsay Lohan on the cover --you have hit a new low.

This is exam time, this is your life...Yeesh.


Megan said...

home sweet home... and gramma's home, don't think I didn't notice that curve ball.

lowercasecarmen said...

Actually that last pic is from mother's room. It's above her bedside table.

you suck.

kyle said...

I hear that Lindsay Lohan girl is about to take off. Look for her to be the next big this this summer.