people post pictures of their cat when they have nothing else to say

I just overdosed on a giant easter feast.
I dropped a hilarious knee-slapper about vegans to the only vegans at the party.
I finished one third of a final take-home exam.
I told myself I would come home and work some more but I'm exhausted.
I laughed a lot and was thankful for an extended period of time in which I wasn't citing religious texts in MLA.
I thought of this hilarious zinger about Julia Roberts that I'll pull out when the timing is right and then saw a post about her on this sweet girl blog.
I have the four day countdown to graduation on!
I plan to go to my favourite bakery in Montreal the day after I'm done and buy several creme brulees.
I should go to the gym.

I think I'm gonna go google image search pictures of Miley Cyrus's studly boyfriend and then pass out.

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