this is a message to all you haters

I think he's actually holding a bible here (Image credit: disneydreaming.com)

After seeing Brittney's post (seriously, go read it or this whole thing won't make any sense) I had to do a post-response. Response-post? There's gotta be a better term for that.

Let me start out by saying that unlike my girl B, I think I have totally hit rock bottom with this one. Taylor Swift? I had to wikipedia her ass just to figure out whose voice I was listening to. Singer-songwriter, model, probably does something else too like baking and ballet --just enough to make her a quadruple threat.

The admittedly lame series of events which led me to even discover who this 5'11" chica (yeah, just go ahead and throw that in my face too Taylor) started with Facebook. Obviously, in an effort to further procrastinate during exams I was looking at the profile of a girl I used to babysit. The reason I looked at her profile is because she just won the Miss Teen British Columbia contest. Okay, so before I continue degrading myself let's do a quick round up to fully illustrate how lame I get when 5 essays are hovering menacingly over my head: I go on facebook, I look at someone's profile I haven't spoken to in over 5 years, this leads me to Youtube, and then to Wikipedia to educate my stupid (read: old and out of touch) ass.

So Miss Teen B.C. (who by the way is a hilarious, kind, etc, etc person) has posted a video of a party she went to where essentially this song, "Love Story" came on and every single attendee knew the words. It was like a music video but in real life. They were happy, they were excited, they were hugging and swaying and really connecting with the whole Romeo and Juliet theme. And then there I was, sitting dumbfounded because:

a) I had never, never heard this song. I was that older person who just had no clue what was going on.

and b) They are so young! So small! So happy and unburdened by the weight of life!

It incited this horrible onslaught of memories, nostalgia, nausea...sadness. Would I be a complete douche bag if I said the whole experience made me "profoundly sad"?

Looking good dood (Image credit: cisoto.blogspot.com)

And then of course, to add insult to injury, I watch the stupid Taylor Swift version and start to like it/feel the same way. She's all, ha bitches, I'm a princess and I'm not writing exams. Also, she gets to frolic in a field with Miley Cyrus's boyfriend while I google image search pictures of him in his underwear.

Now that is rock bottom, Brit Brit.

Trying to make a good impression on the gf's dad. Looking a bit old Mr. Ray but who's comparing? Eh? Amiright? (Image credit: nachofphoto.com)


bisforcookie said...

I'd like to rock his bottom.

...I'm not sure what that means..

lowercasecarmen said...

Yeah man, me too and I'm ok with the ambiguity.

God, that's such an essay buzz word. Right next to 'problematic' and 'ultimately'.

Can you tell I'm plagued by these exams? Yeesh.