i hope my roommate doesn't read my blog

Alright, r-mate, if you do read this I'm sorry and am not trying to offend you. The 'friend'/cool dude you had over last night seemed like a real stand up guy, but he delivered some bona fide zingers. At 3am they strolled in, talking loudly and laughing it up outside my bedroom door, where strangely enough, I was trying to sleep.

Among other heartfelt confessions this guy talked about "how much he respects her, like girl, I really do", thus giving Aaron Carter some serious competition for song lyrics. I tried to get past the noise and incessant banging of keys against the kitchen table, but finally got up and asked politely if they could be a bit more quiet. I'm not one for confrontation or even being very assertive, but at 5am I grew some balls.

Although this guy's respect for my r-mate was really touching, it was his opinions on animals that gave me the best laugh. She spoke about wanting to go back to Thailand to help the elephants, and he said that sharks and polar bears don't get enough attention from activists.

"It's hyenas though," he said passionately, "that are my favourite race in the world."



A♥ said...

Hey, I just found your blog through raymitheminx. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Having a roommate is a pain in the ass. I just allowed a buddy of mine to move in with me because he needed a place to stay. I've been regretting it ever since. Most annoying would be his new girlfriend from the trailer park in Sudbury. (The trailer part is speculation)

lowercasecarmen said...

A heart, yaaaay.

bennettlog, i'm okay with the trailer part being confident and not just speculation.