afternoon walks, nighttime posts

Raymi, I see your ugly mannequin and I raise you an even fuglier one. I think somebody bit its nose off. Poor thing doesn't even get a wig.

Sorry y'all, I'm finishing the very last assignment/obligation of my degree tonight and tomorrow morning and then I can return to posts that might not suck.

I had a job interview today via the phone and it was great to roll out of bed and brew a cup of coffee without having to worry about make up. I think I even picked my nose during our conversation simply because I could. For the record I was wearing spandex pants and my boyfriend's sweater, an outfit that would never fly in an office.

And on one last note of business, if you live in the Toronto area and want to get rid of lamps, beds, bookshelves or tables, holla back at this girl.


Beebo said...

hello carmen. very nice photos. im in toronto and waterloo from april 30 to may 4th... perhaps i may run into you, who knows.


screetus said...

Welcome to Toronto!

I may end up there as well in the near future.