connect 4!

Images used with the permission of all three dogs

I have a really long, boring, stupid, boring essay to write --and when I finish it I get to reward myself with another. This is THE dreaded period of time in a school year, so here are some links to a few people who apparently can balance work with awesome.

She still manages to get dressed during exam period. And not just getting dressed in the I-have-to-cover-my-private-parts-what-is-clean? sense, but rather the wow-she-consistently-looks-cute sense. I tend to favour ninja turtle-esque headbands that make me look lame.

Stereotypical stereotypes.

I get fat just looking at these pictures...but in a good way?

I can has kittenz?

On now, Blitzen! Wrong time of year, I know, but just go already.

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meredith r. mistletoe said...

thanks for the link!!!
okay so for all the comments all at once, I kept meaning to come over from my google reader but I've been a bad interneter lately...

are you going to come and see kittens??