i get a surgery, concordia university cashes in

Back in March I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed by very nice man who likes to hurt people. I didn't react well to the IV sedation drugs and there have been a slew of post-surg complications that I won't bore you with.

One of the unfortunate results of all this is that I had to put my weekly runs on hold, and damn that kind of sucks when you've got easter and exams --the two big E's that are sure to put pounds on your ass. To put it in the bluntest terms, I can feel the blood thumping, pumping, and pounding in my jaw/head when I do so much as jump. I had to quit pogo stickin' too.

Today as I strolled on over to the metro at school I passed the gym and sort of froze for a moment. I had completely forgotten about my membership, that stupid thing I paid money for, and felt the guilt set in. In truth the lost money bothered me more than any fitness goal, and as I stood there I realized what an idiot I looked like. I was holding a can of coke and some reeses peanut butter cups, gazing longingly at the elipticals.

Next week I'll show up with some vitamin water and a celery stick, see what that does for my self-esteem.

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kyle said...

How much do you want for those teeth?