I'm on a roll here

Sigh. I just realized that one of the final exams I handed in today was completely missing a part. So I decided to console myself by eating some pasta which I'm pretty sure is some kind of woman diet no no. I remember reading a riveting interview with Rebecca Romijn (Stamos no more!) where she said she doesn't eat carbs in the second half of the day and well, judging by her smoking body I should probably listen to her.

And I should also probably do my final exams right so that I don't regret getting no sleep and never going out on weekends and writing essays 6 days a week for the past 4 years. Yeah, that's another thing I should probably do.

I also didn't know I was scheduled for work today. Missed that sucker too!

Alright, yep, totally got your point Rebecca. You're pretty and happy. Laugh it up.

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D. Sofia said...

I used to take English Literature in high school and I remember writing a lot in those days and it came real easy for me to write an interesting piece.

10 years forward and I can't seem to write anything remotely engaging.

So, terrible it may be your constant writing for uni, but your blog is a luxury to read :) and I hope you never stop writing (in case you end up where I do)