party time excellent!

My time in Montreal is quickly winding down and I'm trying frantically to fit in last minute dentist visits and quality time with mes amis. Today between the text, phonecall, and email I received from my boyfriend about the apparent pygmy goat we're adopting (would totally be a reality if things were up to me), I actually got a lot done as far as arbitrary errands go.

In an effort to clear out my belongings before moving day I've been refusing to buy new groceries. This of course means that none of my meals resemble anything close to balance, with olives and oats factoring heavily into most things I concoct. Besides a sprinkle of parsley I don't think I've eaten anything green in quite some time --hopefully this will change soon.

Here are some pictures of parties past. Oddly, when temperatures drop so far below zero that your snot freezes, the world also magically turns black and white. You should visit Montreal and experience it all sometime.


Danielle said...

Are you moving back to Van?

lowercasecarmen said...

Nope, tooroontoo.

Mike said...

oh i have experienced it.

i ended up sprawled on a sidewalk in the freezing rain.