There's a great scene in TommyBoy where David Spade pretends to be the hotel housekeeper and Chris Farley does his usual angry fat man routine. Anyway...it's not that great, really just nostalgic.

Just wanted to update and say that there is a "Twitter" link on my sidebar so you can follow my every thought. The majority of my tweets happen when I wake up and are generally focused on a)brewing coffee, b)drinking brewed coffee, c)dreaming about next cup. However, I did also twitter about conditioner today soooo, that's pretty interesting.

All that excitement and more, on twitter!

The second bit of housekeeping is to let everyone (mom, dad, sister) know that there is also an archives link in the sidebar, with posts dating from 2006-2008.

The third thing I wanted to mention is that I might have a banana split party tonight.

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Megan said...

Can I fluff your pillow?