keepin' it mont-real

I live in the gay village. Say that like "vill-ahj"

The homies across the street live in a castle. Seriously, you should see the courtyard it's like that movie secret garden.

That balcony up in the top right corner pulls at my heart strings.

Somebody's swank tour bus. You on there Raymi?

I swear to god 90% of the garbage in my neighbourhood is from tim hortons. Good job helping out the environment Tim!

Shiiiiit, get a load of that vitamin D!

Today it is gloriously sunny in Montreal, and warm enough that I could wear my Vancouver coat. For me that tends to be the ultimate test, whether or not I can wear my westcoast clothes.

I think what's really great about eastern canada is the whole mentality around the drastic season changes. Growing up in Vancouver we have a lot of rain, yes it's all true, but there are four seasons. In Montreal I've only experienced two, major cold and major hot. As an ameteur to the freezing temps, the first winter was the hardest. The worst part was not the temperature so much as it was the length of time that snow remains on the ground. I can remember being in the middle of April exams last year, looking out the window to see snow falling and feeling like it would be a good time to jump off a fucking building.

But eastern canadians are incredibly resilient, they have this built-in defense mechanism which allows them to forget the winter when summer arrives. For me, this is difficult, I remember the pain, the frozen snot, the nights walking home when I thought limbs would have to eventually be amputated. I remember darkness at 4pm and snowfall after snowfall after depressing slit-your-wrists snowfall.

Meanwhile, everyone else around here is like, what snow? it's boiling and I'm wearing hot pants bitches!

And really, nothing signals the beginning of summer like that chick I went to highschool with updating her facebook status to: Traded in my uggs for some flippy floppies for good!


meredith r. mistletoe said...

you should submit status updates like that to my status cringe blog!

ah, man, I've only been to montreal once, and it's so close. I need to go again and soon. It's so beautiful and neat there

D. Sofia said...

nice-- here in Malaysia there is no snow.. in fact I've personally never seen nor experienced snow, tropical sunny all the way. Depressing snow might be exciting

lowercasecarmen said...

meredith --yes, i have to see this blog! I have so many good burb kid updates.

d.sofia --are you for real? I should post some pics of the snoooow.

andrea said...

Trade you a Dunkin' Donuts for a Time Hortons. I promise not to litter.