y'all don't know me!

When I was in grade seven I went through a really awesome white eye-liner phase that probably lasted a bit too long. Of course the phase was not marked solely by white eyeliner, there was also blue mascara and lots of shiny lipgloss. I looked like an idiot and yet my mom was never like, "Hey clown, look in the mirror!" before I left the house. In hindsight I can't tell if that was a considerate or inconsiderate move. Was it testament of unconditional love? A hidden desire for someone else to call me a clown? I can't be sure.

Since then there have been other memorable phases, like the period of my life where I only wore skin tight jeans (no pocket allowed!) paired with baggy sweatshirts, or the summer I spent 23 hours a day on msn. I'd like to be able to recall a more positive phase, like that winter I planted trees or raised money for endangered wildlife, but those just never really caught on. I was too busy buying trying to make myself beautiful.

The other night I was chatting with Tony and I mentioned how I eat pancakes or waffles (Hello Kitty waffles specifically) every morning. He was like, every morning? And then I thought, oh God, it's another phase.

Ha, um, no...not every morning. Just now and again when I feel like it.

But in all honesty, yes, affirmative, I do eat pancakes or waffles each morning, and I make them from scratch. Today's batch was banana cinnamon. The pro about this phase is that I don't look like a clown while doing it. The con is that my ass will probably grow.

I promise that even though they kind of look like barf, they taste really good. Even better than eyeliner.

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meredith r. mistletoe said...

I like your lifestyle! (mostly in terms of pancakes and waffles, obviously)

yeah, phases! totally white eyeliner, for sure. did you also have the dark (black or grey) lined-lip with whiteish fill phase? sooo awful, so so so awful and amazing