wa wa wa weekend

Weekend blogging is sometimes difficult to fit in, especially when you're stuffing your face full of delicious appetizers, mains, and desserts. I really love to cook and this weekend I tried out a couple recipes I've never made before, but somehow forgot to take pictures of the food. Do not fear internet! I took plenty of myself to make up for it.

We ended up at Watusi one night, some random Tibetan bar/restaurant another, and visited the beaches. Er, how did we end up at H&M? Heh...Girls are good at that. Man, though, I just want to buy everything there and wear it all at once so I can be Sweden's next top model.

These are the cherry stems I tied in knots with my tongue. Thanks, yep, go on, call Guinness Book they don't want me.

In my last order of business I must add that I'm leaving for Cuba tomorrow. Noah and I are going for a week to visit his mom and sis and I'm unsure about what kind of reliable internet connection I'll have access to there (if any). I might enlist mini-me (my sissy poo) to stand in as lowercasecarmen, but we'll have to see if she's up for the job. Meg, can you be hilarious and narcissistic? These are tough shoes to fill. Call me.

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