I went to The Toronto Clothing show today with my friend Joanna and spent a couple hours perusing the overwhelming aisles. There were some overly aggressive business men and women, but for the most part the vendors were great. If it isn't already obvious from my pictures, I tended to gravitate towards the hats. I started to feel like I should be going to horse races or spring parties in the Hamptons, but I don't think either of those things will be happening anytime soon.

One woman told me that men like women in hats, that they're coming back in style. I'm fairly certain that she just wanted me to buy hats from her, but I thought her male validation angle was pretty hilarious.

In the meantime I leave you with eerie mannequins who went a little airbrush make-up happy. You see ol' Blue Nose over there? She's even got eye shadow on her nose. For now I'm going to finally go to bed because tomorrow morning I've got waffles to make.

Thanks again to Isabel for the tickets!

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andrea said...

I look awful in hats, but I love those vintage ones.