How to Win Friends and Organize People

It's no secret that I love a certain Chef Michael Smith. I wrote a post about him recently, make one of his recipes almost every other day, and am currently watching his show as I type this. Something I noticed today while watching is just how organized this guy is --a bowl for composting, tea towels neatly folded in a drawer, and the list goes on.

Anyone close to me knows that I'm not organized. Order and routine has not come naturally to me, and though I was forced to implement some basic agenda use during university (after too many panic attacks), I can still remember walking in to my grade ten science final five minutes late, and asking why everyone was being so quiet. I sort of have a love hate relationship with organized people, partly because I wish I could be one, and partly because I just don't understand their brain activity. Here is a list of the traits and tendencies I associate with Organized People:

1. They like cleaning. Wtf? Ever heard anyone go on about how much they like to do laundry or the dishes? I usually just stand dumbfounded for a while and then give them my cell number, three of my emails, and a blank message in a bottle just in case. In their bedrooms or bathrooms you will likely find that hair elastics have a place or container were they "go". Mine go on my wrist...until I lose them.

2. They do not miss tests or proposal deadlines. This means that instead of having to fabricate a grandiose lie about how your therapist just retired and do you know what it's like to depend on the weekly help of a trained medical professional? --they just walk to the front of the room and hand it in.

3. They make lists and to-do's. I also do this, but generally I try to just write down things I've already done so that I can move down the list marking off big red check marks. For them it's about getting things done. For me, it's about boosting my self-esteem.

4. They aren't flakes. From all of my extensive research on "organized people" I feel that they follow through on plans, responsibilities etc. If you deviate from this, and are a flakey clean person though, let me know.

5. They get accessories down pat. I have approximately 2 necklaces that I like to change up depending on my mood. These people, sheesh, talk about colour coordination and daily variety. Amiright, amiright?

I know there's no way I'm getting to ten so I'm going to round down now. Though this list is peppered with judgment, I do sincerely wish I was part of the club. Sigh. I'm off to go read how "How to Win Friends and Organize People".

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andrea said...

My cousin is one of those people who love to clean. She does it FOR FREE, FOR FUN. Meanwhile, I tell my dishes, sorry, I have other plans.

Lost hairties and two necklaces? That's my daily life.