srsly guys, who wants to hire me?

The bus driver motions me on and I ask him quickly if he could tell me when we get to Rideau street. I'm unfamiliar with the city and when I exit the subway I can't tell which way north is. I think briefly of buying a compass.

"I don't know what you're talking about. What is "ree-doe" ma'am? Get on the bus."

I'm pulled in with the rush of people and feel silly for asking my question. I find a seat and figure I'm heading in the wrong direction. The computerized voice announces that the next stop is College, then Rideau. I want to kill the bus driver but I throw up my arm and give stink eye instead. I am passive aggressive.

The rest of the day was sucked up by a uhaul, a back injury, and taking out hundees from the bank. I almost fainted when I looked at my account balance, something I've been avoiding since NOVEMBER. Yep, five months without looking.

I wish I was lying about that last part.

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kyle said...

I just got a job at a cafe and I GOT IT BY SPEAKING FRENCH IN THE INTERVIEW.

Perhaps the greatest victory of my life to date.