forecast for two fish

As I sat in the waiting room I tried to tell myself that I could be anywhere, any room, with dark wood paneling and rows of files. In some ways it looked like a library, and if I thought of it that way I might feel less anxious. Think of archives, archives, --not hospitals.

Here, fill out some forms. Okay. Rate pain on a scale of 1-10, sign your name at the bottom of every page. Yes.

The doctors can't find a specific X-ray and a patient seems angry. She says there would be no point in her coming all this way for nothing. An old man with a walker arrives, the secretary says he's early in a very loud voice. He looks like the kind of guy who likes to be early.

Today I read my horoscope even though it creeps me out, just to see if things will go uphill or down from here. I tend to be pretty adamant about avoiding whatever is predicted for Pisces, but today I just wanted someone to throw me a bone. It told me to start asking for favours and help...

When I was still young enough to be living with my parents I can remember finding a solitary lottery ticket every now and again. The small pieces of paper showed up on the kitchen table after car engines were replaced and orthodontic bills were paid, and I could always picture my mom or dad standing at the gas station counter. Maybe my parents had resorted to reading their horoscopes then too.

In the month of May the stars say you should get a 649 ticket. The 11th will be lucky for love.

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