Ay Caramba!

I'm exshmoosted. I got home to Toronto this morning from Cuba, after seven days in the city of Santiago. Not knowing when I'd be able to have internet connection was unnerving, and in the end I had about 10 minutes in 7 days, which for those of you who can wing some arithmatic, is no mucho. I felt guilty everyday that I wasn't updating my blog, and yet there was just not much I could do. On the other hand I was in an entirely different city from any I have ever known, and I'm very thankful I was able to take this trip.

In an effort not to sound patronizing or condescending about the experience, I will instead gather my thoughts and share tomorrow. Right now I'm running on about three hours sleep, one bowl of pho, a kinder surprise, and a swift bike ride through downtown t zone.

Here is the children tour of Santiago and Barracoa, a clear theme I noticed in sorting my pictures from the trip. The award for Overall Cutest Child goes out to the little boy in gym shorts and old man loafers who posed for me every chance he got. When I turned my camera around to show him the pictures I had just taken, he ran away laughing hysterically, which I'm pretty sure is Cuban for "damn I look good in these."

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kyle said...

And when I ask you this question be honest: how many of those children did you take home in your suitcase?

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