feeling fruity

A year or so ago my boyfriend and I were discussing travel. I don't think our conversation was very serious, in that we weren't making any concrete plans, but I told him I had one request: I wanted to go where mangoes cost pennies. Perhaps there are smarter ways to plan travel, say, by considering financial situations, activities, transportation, etc --but I'm a trail blazer. Driving on a highway in the middle of nowhere we stopped at a roadside fruit stand. The people there kept on screaming MANGOES, MANGOES! and I was like EAGER! We loaded about 15 giant mangoes into the car, and all for the hefty price of 80 cents. I unsuccessfully tried to do a one handed photo shoot, but this specific mango was almost as big as my head.

Either the farmers are feeding these puppies some secret Miracle Grow, or my brain is tiny.

PS - Brit Brit, I took this for you. I saw this wall and thought only of your face --not because you look like a wall, but because you (and I quote) "like exposed brick wall more than most people."


bisforcookie said...

Oh that is gorgeous. I like that wall better than anyone in the room right now.

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andrea said...

Those look so yum.