I'm Prepared To Alienate People With This One

Sometimes I admit things to the internet that I never would in real life. Things, perhaps, like the fact that I watched a Miley Cyrus bio in full and then told my boyfriend over dinner, "that girl was really born to perform."

Though I have a lovely boyfriend and am therefore not interested in online dating sites, I can only imagine what my profile would be like.

Dear Carmen,

Your eHarmony compatibility quiz tells us so much about you! Based on the fact that you spent today folding origami flowers and cranes while listening to Miley Cyrus, we have matched you with Sven. Sven likes Star Wars, light sabers, and War Craft --but the fun doesn't stop there! He can make a mean pot of generic macaroni and cheese with ketchup garnish.

Is you appetite whetted? Ours certainly is.

Go get 'em tiger!

-The eHarmony team

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