Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Mom! I made you pancakes! You just have to download this program so that you can have them teleported kay?! You know me, I don't really understand tekmology and what not, but since you're so good with computers I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

When I was little my mom used to say that she loved her bed so much --the comfy pillows and nice big duvet-- so I took note. When it came time to make our mother's day cards in grade one my teacher instructed us all to draw our mom's doing whatever it is that they loved most. I drew a huge picture of my mom snoozing in bed with the caption, "My mom LOOOVVVESSS to sleep!".

I forgot to add, "just sleepin' off that hangover!"

Love you mom!

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imacaroonie said...

I'll have you know that people who have hangovers are a LOT of fun the night before!

Thanks for the pancakes!!