you are incredible

Sorry that I haven't been posting much. Turns out all these super important 'high-up' types are interested in my CREATIVE WRITING degree. They hired me as a VIP which means so many things that I can't really tell you. Do you want to die this young? Then let's not go there.

They asked me in my interview if I could knit, I said yes.

They asked if I like cats, I said yes.

They asked if I like cheesecake and curly fries, and I said yes but not together.

They said, you can only do this job if you know how to count to ten in spanish. I said got it.

They warned me that the RIGHT candidate would have impressive origami skills, I said I'm already there.

Did you, er, win the grade seven science fair by any chance, they asked quickly. This, I thought, this might be a trick question. Creative writing job and a science question, who do they think they are?

Six and seven, I said.

Incredible, they said in unison, you are in credible. We want to pay you millions of dollars to write about cats and cheesecake and curly fries and elementary school science fairs.

Thank GOD I pulled those all-nighters in grade seven.


mrabit said...

i gota say carm this post made me laugh pretty good.

i noticed my little cousin wearing a hello kitty shirt today and i thought to myself man carmen would be all over that shit.

theacracy@gmail.com said...

Was this for Worn?