what up my recent graduates!

(I don't know what's on my mirror. Perhaps it is my laziness?)

I done gone gots ma hair did. For some reason I always get disappointed when I look at my new hairstyle and it's not longer. What? But I wanted to have hair down to my ass!

Meanwhile, I have been taking part in the soul-sucking process of searching for jobs...on craigslist. There has to be a better way. I know half the postings are scams, while the other half expect you to have 7+ years experience, knowledge of every computer program known to man, flexible hours, a headshot, patience to perform medial tasks...all for $9 an hour. Nine dollars? Is that one buckaroo more than minimum wage? THANK YOU! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE PANINIS!

I think I'm going to start a Recession Support Group. We will bond over generic macaroni and cheese (go somewhere else if you can afford KD asshole!) and gourmet PBRs.

Er, PS -- Here is a requisite photo of me in a grad sombrero. Everyday of my unemployed life I will just peer at this pic and remember how successful I am.

Job schmob! I was on the mofo'n honour roll.

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Mike said...

ugh i'm there with you on the job search thing, blowsss assssss.

that and i apparently need to take one more class... BOGUS I TELL YOU!