Last week (or was it the week before? I’m not sure. My life’s been such a blur lately) I was charged with the onerous task of posting to Carmen’s blog while she was away in Cuba. Well, I failed miserably. I was sent her travel itinerary, but nevertheless, I wasn’t sure when she was going to return and I was preparing to post to this blog one evening, only to discover that she’d already returned from her holiday!

So, perhaps better late than never …

I wondered what Carmen would expect from me.

Perhaps she thought I might post about Martin Luther and how he initiated a spiritual and cultural movement that transcended the boundaries of Europe and permanently altered the structure of the Christian world.

Maybe she thought I’d post a screen shot of my high score in online pool.

What madness possessed her when she made the decision to give ME her password? If she had given her decision the time it deserved, would she not have figured out that I, her mother could only post one thing?

Ta da!!

Isn't she ADORABLE???!!!

I've decided my new favourite food is no longer sashimi. It's babies.

Carmen's Mom

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Mike said...

i have enough embarassing pictures without letting mom hijack my blog... you are braver than i thought carmen :P