I'm a suck

I don't know if it's because my boyfriend is a bazillion miles away in Turkey, or because I just graduated with a university degree and the CAFE I applied at hasn't called me back, or even because of plain ol' PMS, but I watched 'Away We Go' and totally loved it.

Based on my reaction to this movie, it's clear I would never make a very good film critic. I'm supposed to come down hard on John Krasinki's hipster stereotypical bumbling but sensitive character --the one already being called 'Zack Braff-esque'--and attack the recklessness of this pregnant couple. And I know that everyone loves to hate on Eggars because, well I don't even know why we're supposed to hate him anymore but I just don't. Have you ever read "The Only Meaning of Oil Wet Water"? It's an incredible story that makes me feel like a failure (well-written stories do this to me).

I think I even got something caught in my eye a few times during this film which is a TOTAL rarity for this ice queen. The last time that happened was probably during a sleepover in 1995 when we watched "Born to be Wild". Google that and tell me it wasn't heartbreaking. Gorilla movies get me every time.

Anyways, I don't really know what I'm rambling on about. I kind of want to be John Krasinki's girlfriend, and I miss my real boyfriend, and I can't get a job because:

a) it's a recession
b) I was stupid not to get an engineering or commerce degree (LIKE MY BROTHER!)
c) I'm unemployable?
d) destined to live off of stir-fried onions
e) followed my dreams
f) the universe is against me
g) the god I never believed in in the first place for sure does not exist
h) Ganesh only helps out Hindus

I'm stressed, what's new. Baby, come home.

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screetus said...

I find it helps to assume you already have a job, you've just misplaced it. If you could just remember where you last left it, it ought to turn up eventually. Maybe under the couch or by the sink, for instance.

Okay I guess that's not much help.