Wise Crack'n

Tomorrow I get all four of my wisdom teeth out and I'm feeling scared! I know I know, everybody and their dog and then their dog's puppies has had this surgery done but that doesn't mean I'm magically going to feel better about it. I plan to make some soup tonight and have stocked up my fridge with some mush foods, but I wouldn't really mind if I lost a couple pounds on The Wisdom Diet.

The most painful 5 lbs. you'll ever lose!

I haven't taken 4 days off of essay writing in a long time (perhaps years), so if T3's also diminish stress this might be a small little vacation. The kind of vacation where you spit out blood, occasionally puke, and drink lots of blended beverages.

Yup, practically spring break in Cancun.


himynameisklowy said...

I get mine out at 9:15 am on April 22nd. I booked it last NOVEMBER because apparently this is a "popular" thing to do. So i've been STRESSING about it for months and months. Oh, and i'm a residence advisor, and the 22nd happens to be the last night that residents stay here. And I am contractually obligated to be in my room the ENTIRE night to FACILITATE the SHIT SHOW. *end rant*

Let me know how it goes - because nobody will tell me anything about the experience, aside from laughing historically and saying "poor you".

But GOOD LUCK! you'll be fine :)

lowercasecarmen said...

Thanks dude! To be honest I've heard more good tales than bad --I think your sources are being a holes...

Mike said...

I've had both... the cancun spring break... and the wisdom teeth out.

It is not a fun time. You'll be sleeping for most of the next 3 days. Don't leave the oven on.

Kris said...

I had all four out at the same time, too.

Stay away from straws - they will judge you and show you their hate.

Mashed potatoes and jello are your friends.

Make sure you have movies and books to keep you occupied. I got really bored as I spend most of my life eating.

That's all I got. Long-winded for my first comment here.

lowercasecarmen said...

Thanks to both of you for suggestions and help. It really just sucks and there's not a whole lot to make it better.

Except percocet!!!