Time + Internet = Guilt

A few nights ago I actually saw my attacker, or for those of you who might need your memory refreshed, the homeless man who punched me in the metro. He was walking around all crazy but despite my urge to sucker punch him back, I just waited for my bus.

I have started to get used to the routine that follows meals now, namely the disgusting process of washing out my teeth craters. If my scale at work (why is there a scale randomly in a university alumni office?) is accurate, I managed to lose 10 pounds in one week. Now that's what I call a diet! My oral surgeon was all, omg eat a protein shake! Yeah! Duh, dude, what do you think I've been doing. Pfft, doctors.

This weekend has revolved around yet another Hinduism essay, and the occasional internet procrastination session to update my blog. I also managed to read about a new pan that makes muffin tops (without the bottoms) and other genius inventions.

And then I painted my nails on only one hand.


Mike said...

yay teeth craters, now you can start smuggling drugs the right way!

i mean... don't forget to floss.

Megan said...

Man, that internet picture is awesome... this is your sister, p.s.

Megan said...

Oh... i didn't know it would know my name... n/m about the sister comment.