Percocet Party

Holy crap surgery sucks. I had to go the hospital for my teeth removal because apparently things were so messed up deep down in my gums that no regular dentist could touch that shit. My oral surgeon was very nice, and even called me at home later in the day to check if I was alright. I have small flashback memories to the surgery, but gather from what was said to me afterwards that I was balling throughout the entirety. The oral surgeon kept on asking "do you feel pain!?" and I was way too far in the drug haze to formulate coherent sentences.

In the end they didn't give me T3's but Percocets instead and let me tell you. WHOAAAA! I think yesterday when I took this thing I was still out of it from the surgery sedation that I didn't realize just how high they get you. Sorry to get all stereotypical stoner on you but I am high as a kite right now. I've been holding off on taking Percocet in the last 12 hours because the pain was manageable but half an hour ago I decided it might be a good idea.

I was planning to go to the store to pick myself up some soup but I'm not too confident that I could even do that right now without stopping people on the street and being all, "Duuude, look how blue the sky is. So BLUEEE."

And hell, I realize this is no academic source but Wikipedia says that when taken orally, Percocet is 1.5-2 times more effective in relieving pain than...get this, HEROIN!

I was going to take a picture of my removed teeth but a)in this drug induced haze my motor skills have kind of plummeted and b)they are f'ing disgusting. Like alien vs. predator or something.

God, okay, this post is so ridiculous but I do plan on taking some teeth pics at some point. Right now I'm gonna go watch some youtube videos on squirrels, or maybe just google image search "hello kitty watermelon" and see what I get.

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