I decided to take a weekend stress leave and escape to Toronto. It's been long enough now since my surgery that I'm able to eat most(ish) foods, and eating I've been. Nothing like losing ten pounds in a week just to gain it back in three days! Though crispy things like tortilla chips and baguettes prove to be a bit difficult on the gaping gum craters, reeses peanut butter cups are A okay.

The boyfriend and I went out on Friday night, but for the majority of the time we've just stayed in being lazy, watching 30 Rock and having feasts. If this sounds lame to you, great, you're not invited to my next birthday party. I can tell you that after several months of writing essays on Hinduism and Joyce, a simple combination of tv, cheese, and relaxation is like finding two twenties in a pair of pants you discover at the bottom of your closet. Forty bones, you exclaim with glee, what could be better?!

When I get back to Montreal I can upload my more recent pictures, including the ones where I compare the size of my removed wisdom teeth to quarters. I know, I know, way too much suspense.

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