The Little Things

Stuff I've been thinking about:

-I need to do laundry

-I wish the crazy lady outside would stop screaming

-I like my new nail polish colour

-I don't know what I'm doing with my life

-I wish we had more chocolate in the apartment


sass said...

photo of nail colour please.

M said...

Love your photos. I've been thinking about you. I like you. Like, a lot. Call me sometime.

steph said...

i can relate on so man levels

Edmund said...

I dig yo glasses gurl.

No crazy people outside my house - and on Saturday, my friend brought over a 1000 gram lindt bunny called Rupert. Rupert has sadly been consumed since...but the point is, you can take refuge at my house sometime. It's hard to feel confused about your life's direction when you have a life size chocolate rabbit sitting on your kitchen table...I recommend acquiring one immediately!


theacracy@gmail.com said...