Letter to No Ma'am Club

What up spicy gals,

Hey losers who didn't get the memo, emails and fb messages are the way of the dusty past. Blog-to-blog messaging is the new way to get in touch. See a tumbleweed just bumbling around in your inbox? Oh right, I told you so.

Anyways, Amy, Bilyana, I just watched your sweet vid. Reminiscing about pics is my favourite hobby. Watched any Jon and Kate Plus 8 recently? Let's have a conference call to discuss.

Toronno's okay but can you guys move here already? I'll make you Hello Kitty waffles and when I get home from work and Noah's playing squash we can hang and say stuff like, men! pfft. (love you Noah!)

Bilyana, I want to go to a gala with you. Amy, I want to be your cam ham.

I had a cinnamon bun for breakfast and i don't know how to end this new genre of communication.

Peace ladies, write me back,

Charmin' Carmen

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