Relaxin' All Cool

I'm in Toronto for the week spending reading break with the boyfriend and trying to enjoy the minutes in between essay writing. I actually have a lot more work than a usual week with school, but it's nice not having to listen to that stupid chick in my english class make inappropriate comments about Hitler. Yes, that's a definite plus.

In the time that I'm not developing eye strain at my computer I've been going on walks and breaking into a nearby gym (not gonna tell you which one!) to treadmill away some of my stress.

I had a strange moment of clarity today realizing that I often feel no different after finishing several essays. I tell myself it will be a relief and yet each time I finish a chunk of work nothing changes. New essays replace old essays in some never ending cycle. I think it's samsara...

The Day of Doom (my birthday) is coming up soon and in honour of another year passed without much to show for it, I have decided to make a list (however small) to note the PLETHORA of grown up things I've adopted in the past year:

1. Flossing regularly. Somehow this still hurts and I don't know why. Punishment for not making this a habit until now? Looming gum disease? Karma? But seriously yo! Do you even do this? BE HONEST.

2. Accepting rather than fighting true things about myself, namely that I am not a vegetarian. I think Raymi's turkey bacon post can take most of the credit but here it goes: I am an Occasional Meat Eater. There, got that one off my chest. Also, I don't like staying out until four in the morning anymore. It's fucking cold in Montreal and when I have to walk home because le stupid metro closes so early I just want to die. Seriously, I'm bitter and angry and keep on envisioning a doctor telling me that my limbs will have to be amputated due to frost bite. I want to be in my warm bed earlier than then, and so maybe this is congruent with my aging body.

3. I wake up before 10 now, I'm trying to get to 9 eventually. Compared to my father who wakes up at some ungodly hour like 4am I am totally beat but whatever, this is a MILESTONE. I spent several years of university rolling out of bed at 2 in the afternoon so having a morning again is like winning the time lottery. Totally shoves a few more hours into the day and that's a bonus!

4. I do not pull all-nighters anymore. (See #2)

5. I wear high-waisted pants.

6. I am assertive some of the time instead of none of the time. This means saying excuse me (politely) to lame-o's on the walk side of the escalator. You wanna stall and text on your blackberry? Keep it to the right.

7. This one totally deserves a drum roll: I booked my wisdom teeth removal surgery. Pshaw! Omg! Holy cow!

I must be grown up fo sho. Happy Birthday to me (soon). I choose to turn 21 this year.

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imacaroonie said...

I also choose to turn 21 this year.