An Exercise in Imagination

Photo by Rachel Tetrault

I am on a beach.
I am on a sandy beach.
I am on a sandy, hot beach.
I am on a sandy, hot beach and the sun is shining.

I am far far far away from icy Montreal.


GV said...

Rather than facebooking or emailing, you'll notice I'm commenting on your blog, thus sending the interwebs into a frenzy of hype and gossip. You'll probably be able to quit your day job from the traffic this generates (or get a day job, and then quit it). The "snowball effect," which I believe was originally articulated by either Einstein or Jesus, is as reliable as gravity. Anyway, Original Question: what kind of camera does your friend use?

tony said...

cant wait for the beach pics!

Tudor said...

Are you a rock star now? Is Noah pissed?