If I had to give a name to the past year it would probably be something like: "The Year of Interviews". I have found myself in so many job, landlord, or roommate interviews that I almost think of myself as a commodity now.

Hey people! I'm a quiet roommate, unless you like partying? Because then I'm a good time! Studying you say? Well, I have to hit the books!

Or to the managers out there, I'm responsible and can work on my own AND in a group! Outgoing? Of course. Focused? You bet!

It's come to the point where I just wanna walk in and say:

Brown hair, sarcastic, hard-working for the most part, will make fun of you behind your back (and am exceptional at impressions), passive aggressive and will probably just bend my schedule around yours. Will occasionally lose sleep due to stress.

Either that or: You want? You buy.

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