Cuppy McCupperson

Being an individual doesn't really require that you get used to annoying habits and tendencies. If you don't like drinking milk out of the carton, don't. If you like chewing with your mouth open, do it. But then there are relationships, those things that require two people [simultaneously getting along] to succeed, and well, they are entirely different.

I've learned that inevitably there will be things you or your partner do that makes the other contemplate jumping out of the fourth story window of an entirely hypothetical apartment. And yes-- four you think to yourself, would that be enough?

Personally, I'm just not so perfect, and among other endearing traits, I tend to use about 5 glasses, cups, and/or mugs each day. I also leave all those cups beside my computer in a little line just like baby ducks. Ducks are cute, yes, but apparently I am not.

This is one of those jump-out-of-your-apartment-window-things for my darling boyfriend. So today, when I got home from work I made myself an espresso and opened the cupboard to get myself a small cup. Right then the cosmic forces aligned and a small beacon of light shone down on my desk...directly on the cup I used this morning!!!

So I re-used and perhaps even renewed the love that exists between two people. People who obey the laws of coffee mugs.


Tudor said...

What did you use to make yourself an espresso?

lowercasecarmen said...

I used one of those stove top 3-piece contraptions. You know what I'm talking about?

And then He got home and was like, "hey, where's my espresso from this morning?"

"Um, the cup near my computer?"


"I..er...I used that."

So I didn't even follow the rules of mugs properly.

Krista said...

i do this all the time and it drives Dan crazy. But then again, he will eat out of the pot with the spatula to save a bowl and a spoon.

you are hilarious.