oh lordy

(This is normally where a vain picture would go. Please, just imagine it).

Things got a little tip-turned upside down the other night. I was all set to watch the Canada's Next Top Model finale and then --WHAMMO! My computer is nothing but a flickering apple screen. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

My hardrive failed. It's dunzo. Fried. Finito. Busted. Bye bye baby bye bye...

Currently, I feel like a hostage, writing this post from the children's public library near my apartment. I'm sure some little Sally or Ralph just wants to look up a Dora the Explorer video on Youtube and well, here I am being a bitch. Sorry kids, this is an adult EMERGENCY.

The very very very nice man (I refuse to say genius) at the Mac store did some Harry Potter shit on my failing computer, and managed to retrieve my precious documents folder. I carried home that burned disk in two hands, TWO HANDS I TELL YA!

I haven't cried yet, but honest to God, this sucks. Posting will be sporadic until I, oh I dunno, win the lottery (take out a loan) and buy a new one. Any sugar daddies (or mommies, I don't discriminate) that want to apply, just send me an email (that I will have to check on a kiddie computer) and I will judge you based strictly on Swiss bank account net sums.

First the bike wipe out and now this. Hey God, THANKS A LOT.


bisforcookie said...

my. worst. nightmare. stay strong girl.

Mike said...

jesus. get a better one?

one that's not a burn out?

my laptop had the same problems b/c i always had it on my lap/bed.