Brain Explosion

Christmas came a bit late this year but it was totally awesome. After arriving home from Spain the boyfriend and I had a small little ceremony in honor of Papa Noel where we opened presents and drank blindingly strong spanish nail polish remover --I mean liquor.

I done gone made the Christmas tree all by myself!

Can you guess what I asked Santa for?

A little o this!

And a little o that

Hello Kitty bath set! It comes with "bath confetti" which I don't entirely understand. I like to tell myself that in Japan people were like, wait a second, this water isn't cute enough, you know what it needs? SPARKLE.

I've also been living on a steady diet of milk chocolate in various forms for the past week. At first I was eating bananas with chocolate and after a while I was just like, screw the banana, it's getting in the way of the exorbitant amount of calories I don't need to eat. I don't know if they make this in Canada but I'm telling you, it's like crack.

These things are also the bomb. The Spanish bomb. You think it's just gonna be a regular peanut covered with regular chocolate and then you bite into it and realize...oh lord they've also put painkillers in these things. And then you love life a little more.

These are Canadian and actually have drugs in them.

Merry late Christmas y'all, I'm gonna go spend the next few hours in denial that real life starts up again tomorrow.

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