Pineapple Bubble Tea

Yesterday boyfriend and I celebrated my birthday a few days early. Though I still had to write essays before and after dinner (thanks James Joyce!) it was really really nice.

This is what I wore.

Image by tfs


Relaxin' All Cool

I'm in Toronto for the week spending reading break with the boyfriend and trying to enjoy the minutes in between essay writing. I actually have a lot more work than a usual week with school, but it's nice not having to listen to that stupid chick in my english class make inappropriate comments about Hitler. Yes, that's a definite plus.

In the time that I'm not developing eye strain at my computer I've been going on walks and breaking into a nearby gym (not gonna tell you which one!) to treadmill away some of my stress.

I had a strange moment of clarity today realizing that I often feel no different after finishing several essays. I tell myself it will be a relief and yet each time I finish a chunk of work nothing changes. New essays replace old essays in some never ending cycle. I think it's samsara...

The Day of Doom (my birthday) is coming up soon and in honour of another year passed without much to show for it, I have decided to make a list (however small) to note the PLETHORA of grown up things I've adopted in the past year:

1. Flossing regularly. Somehow this still hurts and I don't know why. Punishment for not making this a habit until now? Looming gum disease? Karma? But seriously yo! Do you even do this? BE HONEST.

2. Accepting rather than fighting true things about myself, namely that I am not a vegetarian. I think Raymi's turkey bacon post can take most of the credit but here it goes: I am an Occasional Meat Eater. There, got that one off my chest. Also, I don't like staying out until four in the morning anymore. It's fucking cold in Montreal and when I have to walk home because le stupid metro closes so early I just want to die. Seriously, I'm bitter and angry and keep on envisioning a doctor telling me that my limbs will have to be amputated due to frost bite. I want to be in my warm bed earlier than then, and so maybe this is congruent with my aging body.

3. I wake up before 10 now, I'm trying to get to 9 eventually. Compared to my father who wakes up at some ungodly hour like 4am I am totally beat but whatever, this is a MILESTONE. I spent several years of university rolling out of bed at 2 in the afternoon so having a morning again is like winning the time lottery. Totally shoves a few more hours into the day and that's a bonus!

4. I do not pull all-nighters anymore. (See #2)

5. I wear high-waisted pants.

6. I am assertive some of the time instead of none of the time. This means saying excuse me (politely) to lame-o's on the walk side of the escalator. You wanna stall and text on your blackberry? Keep it to the right.

7. This one totally deserves a drum roll: I booked my wisdom teeth removal surgery. Pshaw! Omg! Holy cow!

I must be grown up fo sho. Happy Birthday to me (soon). I choose to turn 21 this year.




Sometimes I leave my apartment.

I take le metro.

And we all try to forget how much snow is around us.

So we have disco parties.

And put up balloons.

At the end of the day, after all that wishing it's still freezing outside and you become disheartened thinking of summer so far away. But you remember that in these hard times you still have strong coffee and new Hello Kitty cell phone toys.


Getting Wiser Everyday.

The problem of what to do with my wisdom teeth (extract them, duh) has finally become too unbearable to ignore. Grocery shopping revolves around the question: Is this food a mush? while eating, if actually accomplished, is a veritable feat worth celebrating. I think I've really done a number on my jaw by putting off this surgery for so long, that at this point all I'm looking forward to are the sweet drugs I'll get shot into my blood stream. And the T3s I will try to deal afterwards.

Tuesday morning consisted of hospital basement waiting rooms, staring at crooked molars on X-rays, and a lot of me shaking. At one point I tried to knit in order to calm myself down, but again, my hands were shaking too much.

The five minutes of rather slopping knitting I did manage to fit in before giving up were all worth it though --I garnered about three approving, silent nods from the 80+ crowd.

Word sista, they thought in unison, you're part of the club.


An Exercise in Imagination

Photo by Rachel Tetrault

I am on a beach.
I am on a sandy beach.
I am on a sandy, hot beach.
I am on a sandy, hot beach and the sun is shining.

I am far far far away from icy Montreal.


No Pain No Gain

Last year I did a photoshoot with my friend Rachel. She's a mighty good photographer and you can go check her out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/racheltetrault/

This photo, in addition to looking cool, also immortalizes the coldest moment of my life. A thin red dress and flimsy fur collar will do nothing to protect against the harrowing negative temperatures.


To Do

1. Go to the drug store and buy hair cutting scissors to fix the job the hairdresser screwed up.

2. Stop feeling guilty about forgetting cell phone in Ottawa and making TWO round trips.

3. "

4. Make a to do list to avoid homework. Check!

5. Eat some more caramel popcorn.

6. Feel good about the placement of my hello kitty piggy bank. It looks awesome on my bookshelf!

7. Make some sort of a mental commitment to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

8. Watch more Six Feet Under and picture my face over Brenda's. Nate's mine bitch!

9. Stop making to do lists.